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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. Gulp is optional. You can use plain HTML / CSS / JS to customize Sandbox. Files you need are located in dev folder.

All third-party plugin JS files are located in src/assets/js/vendor and their CSS files are located in src/assets/css/vendor. Just remove unwanted vendor JS / CSS files from vendor folders and then remove unwanted functions from src/assets/js/theme.js and recompile.

If you're not using Gulp, you can remove unwanted plugins manually from dev/assets/js/plugins.js, dev/assets/js/theme.js and their CSS from dev/assets/css/plugins.css.

No, not currently. Although with the use of RTLCSS project you can generate RTL version of style.css, however some template specific styles won’t have support for RTL out of the box.

Due to the same-origin policy SVGInject does not work when run from the local file system in many browsers (Chrome, Safari). Please test on a working web server.

Follow the instructions here to reach the guide on configuring the contact or newsletter forms in Sandbox. If the forms don't work or if you receive any errors please keep in mind that the contact forms won't work on local environment. Please test them on a working web server.

YouTube and Vimeo videos in the lightbox won’t play locally. Please test on a working web server.

Yes, some plugins that are included in the template are jQuery dependent.

Sandbox is an HTML template, not a Wordpress theme. So it cannot be installed in Wordpress.

There is a known browsers-spesific issue regarding image-mask that prevents them from working on local environments. (Running from a filesystem is now restricted, so you can no longer reference one file from another.) If you upload the template on a working server image masks should work properly.

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